Tie Dye Universe Backpack

The 1960s hippie scene made tie dye clothing popular. Today, BOLDFACE makes tie dye killer! This tie dye spiral call Universe combines the traditional tie dye spiral with a set of cheery colors that is sure to bring out the sun on even the cloudiest of days. Wear the BOLDFACE Universe Tie Dye backpack and get transported back to 1960s Berkeley. Peace, Love and BOLDFACE.

Choose either a backpack and face or just the interchangeable face.

The STANDARD size backpack is perfect for young adults and up.

The JUNIOR size backpack is perfect for children (typically 3 - 12) and smaller-framed adults.

When you order a BOLDFACE backpack you get:

  • Super high quality, rugged polyester canvas exterior.
  • Large inner cavity for books, jacket, flip flops...whatever you need to carry.
  • Wide padded backpack straps for extra comfort
  • Exchangeable artist designed BOLDFACE faces printed on weatherproof and waterproof canvas.
  • Inner laptop sleeve.
  • One side mesh pocket and one side Velcro pocket
  • Large extra front pocket (under back flap) for magazines, folders, etc.

When you order a BOLDFACE face you get:

  • Interchangeable-artist designed or personalized BOLDFACE face printed on weatherproof and waterproof canvas that attaches to your BOLDFACE backpack.

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