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Stone Soup Child Care Backpack

NONPROFIT PARTNER PRODUCT - Your purchase supports this organization with a 30% contribution from BOLDFACE to Stone Soup Child Care.

ABOUT STONE SOUP CHILD CARE: Stone Soup Child Care provides quality, safe, dependable and affordable before and after school child care to school-age children through a managed program of shared resources and goals. 

Stone Soup Child Care, a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation, was founded in Los Angeles 30 years ago based on shared financial responsibility and a United Way study. Stone Soup Child Care takes its name from a Napoleonic fairy tale that tells the story of how a nearly destitute community pooled its scarce resources to save itself...its poor, hard-working residents.  The fairy tale, like Stone Soup Child Care, demonstrates what can be accomplished when people join together to meet community needs.

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The first Stone Soup Child Care site was a partnership with one elementary school that served 17 at-risk children in the program.  Since then, Stone Soup Child Care has grown to serve over 3,200 children a day in pre-school, elementary and middle school programs in 8 school districts.

Stone Soup Child Care is not government funded but partners with school districts, cities and private enterprise (such as Boldface) to support the programs and keep the fees low.

RAND gave Stone Soup Child Care high marks in evaluating the programs' quality and the U.S. Office of Juvenile Justice cites Stone Soup Child Care as a promising practice for the prevention of juvenile delinquency.

Stone Soup Child Care serves low to moderate income students and some of them desperately need your help:  89% are on Free and Reduced Lunches and some live in drug and gang environments, are homeless, abused, foster children or have a parent incarcerated.

The curriculum is closely aligned with Common Core and STEM, while a nutrition and fitness program, guest artists, field trips, tai chi, yoga or contests create an enriched environment for year-round activities.

BOLDFACE will donate 30% of every sale of this beautiful backpack to the Stone Soup Child Care Program.

About the Stone Soup Child Care BOLDFACE backpack:

The STANDARD size backpack is perfect for young adults and up.

The JUNIOR size backpack is perfect for children (typically 3 - 12) and smaller-framed adults.

When you order a BOLDFACE Backpack you get: 

  • Super high quality, rugged polyester canvas exterior
  • Large inner cavity for books, jacket, flip flops... whatever you need to carry.
  • Wide padded backpack straps for extra comfort
  • Exchangeable artist designed Boldface faces printed on weatherproof and waterproof canvas
  • Inner laptop sleeve
  • One side mesh pocket and one side Velcro pocket
  • Large extra front pocket (under back flap) for magazines, folders, etc.

When you order a BOLDFACE face you get:

  • Exchangeable artist designed or personalized BOLDFACE face printed on weatherproof and waterproof canvas that attaches to your BOLDFACE backpack

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