Foo Fighters Fan Kit - FREE DOWNLOAD!

Download the FREE Foo Fighters Fan Kit today! 

If you have ever visited the BOLDFACE plant in California there's one thought you have likely walked away with: "those guys really love the Foo Fighters."

It's  true. We love the Foo! We love the Foo Fighters so much that we once spent an entire weekend listening and arguing about what we thought were the 10 greatest Foo Fighters songs (click here to see our list).

We've argued over the best tour and even the best venue (Chicago? Fenway?). We even debated about what would be the most killer set list! We're our own little Foo Fighters Fan Club!

We decided to take our love for Foo Fighters to the next level by creating this ABSOLUTELY FREE Foo Fighters Fan Kit. The Foo Fighters Fan Kit includes 200 pages of discography, band member bios and lyrics from all Foo Fighters studio albums, starting with Dave Grohl's original album (Foo Fighters) to 2017's Concrete & Gold.

Whether your favorite Foo Fighters song is Everlong or Learn to Fly or Best of You or any other killer track, you'll find this to be a great resource. Plus, by signing up for the Foo Fighters Fan Kit you'll get an email notification every time we update the Kit - and we plan to update it every now and then with new info.

If you're a Foo Fighters Fan then you must click the ADD TO CART button to download the ABSOLUTELY FREE Foo Fighters Fan Kit today!