ATTENTION:  Due to the COVID 19 pandemic, we had to unfortunately (and temporarily) shut down our printing facility in Los Angeles.  Accordingly, we are not currently accepting new orders.  So sorry!  But we'll be back soon, guaranteed!  Stay safe and healthy and we'll see you on the other side of this :)

Create Your Own Customized | Personalized | Made-to-Order Backpack

Custom Backpacks by BOLDFACE

Whether it's you, your child, pet or favorite vacation spot, BOLDFACE let's you create the highest quality personalized backpack using the digital image of your choice.

BOLDFACE is the world's ONLY custom backpack maker that lets you create a custom backpack featuring your favorite image and then allows you to change the image if you want something new - without having to buy an entirely new backpack!

Create Your Own Customized | Personalized | Made-to-Order Backpack

Every customized backpack comes with the BOLDFACE patent-pending interchangeable printed "face" panel. You are able to swap out the customized "face" with another BOLDFACE "face" to change the look of your backpack in seconds!

Call it showing off. Call it self-expression. Call it what you will. There's only one word that truly describes BOLDFACE's customized backpacks...AMAZING! 

Using a photo from your iPhone, Android device, GoPro or any other digital image, you can create your very own one-of-a-kind BOLDFACE backpack!

Change the Look of Your Custom Backpack in Seconds!

Not only are you able to design your own backpack. BOLDFACE is the world's only maker of backpacks with interchangeable printed "face" panels. This means you can create as many custom designs as you want. We call it One Backpack, Endless Possibilities.

BOLDFACE backpacks are great as kids backpacks, adult backpacks and corporate backpacks. As long as you have a digital image, we can create a custom made backpack to meet your needs. BOLDFACE backpacks are also great for sports teams. Create an amazing backpack featuring the team or school logo. You'll love the end result - we guarantee it!

Custom School Backpacks

Looking for a backpack for your school? We can create custom made backpacks just for your school! In fact, we'll design the backpack for free and give your school 30% of the revenue. These customized backpacks make the perfect school fundraiser. The best part (besides getting 30%) is that there is no need to buy any backpacks in advance. We'll make the backpacks when they are ordered!

No Minimum Order

Order one, 100 or any number of backpacks. There is no minimum order. Get your one of a kind personalized backpack today!

Made in the USA

BOLDFACE's custom printed and interchangeable face panels are made in our plant in Los Angeles, California. We make sure that each order gets the necessary care and attention to make sure your backpack comes out exactly as you ordered it. 

In under 5 minutes you can customize your own backpack. So start now and #ExpressYourself!

When you order a BOLDFACE backpack you get:

  • Super high quality, rugged polyester canvas exterior.
  • Large inner cavity for books, jacket, flip flops... whatever you need to carry.
  • Wide padded backpack straps for extra comfort.
  • Weatherproof and waterproof interchangeable personalized printed "face" panel.
  • Fully padded inner laptop sleeve.
  • One side mesh pocket and one side Velcro pocket.
  • Large extra front pocket (under back flap) for magazines, folders, etc.

Click here to check out our blog post that walks you through the simple process of creating your own BOLDFACE backpack.

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