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A Shark Ate My Homework Backpack

"A shark ate your homework?," she asks. "That's right. There I was, on the beach, patting myself on the back for working all night to get my assignment perfect when out of a rip comes a massive shark hungry for a piece of me. I scared that great white off, but not before it took a bite of my notebook, swallowing my homework in one bite before heading back into the ocean. I swear!"

Choose either a backpack and face or just the interchangeable face.

The STANDARD size backpack is perfect for young adults and up.

The JUNIOR size backpack is perfect for children (typically 3 - 12) and smaller-framed adults.

When you order a BOLDFACE backpack you get:

  • Super high quality, rugged polyester canvas exterior.
  • Large inner cavity for books, jacket, flip flops...whatever you need to carry.
  • Wide padded backpack straps for extra comfort
  • Exchangeable artist designed BOLDFACE faces printed on weatherproof and waterproof canvas.
  • Inner laptop sleeve.
  • One side mesh pocket and one side Velcro pocket
  • Large extra front pocket (under back flap) for magazines, folders, etc.

When you order a BOLDFACE face you get:

  • Interchangeable-artist designed or personalized BOLDFACE face printed on weatherproof and waterproof canvas that attaches to your BOLDFACE backpack.

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