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3 Husketeers Backpack (Blue)

3 Husketeers Backpacks


Brian Gillette and Toni Daniels, had a vision that brought them into this world of rescue. They fell in love with a Siberian Husky named Bandit. Toni never pictured herself as being a "fur" mom of a pack, but Bandit was the one that started it all. Toni’s heart was always filled with the love of cats, but with Brian’s love of dogs & the breed won Toni over. Then, here came Bandit into their lives. If it weren’t for Brian introducing these beautiful babies into Toni’s life, she never would have realized the hold that they truly have on one’s heart. Toni had originally cancelled the appointment to meet Bandit 3-times. She finally showed up, late, for the 4th appointment. She did not think that she wanted a dog in her life. Well, 3-years later … her pack has changed her life for the good. Toni is so thankful for taking that leap & letting her heart love these sweet & silly souls. Now … with their pack complete, they are on a mission of love to save the Northern Breeds of Saudi-Arabia.  ~ Meg Moll 



Bandit - AKA "The Guardian"

Bandit was the start of all of this for them. They dubbed Bandit "The Guardian" because he is the observant one, the one to notify, when someone is around. He is the welcoming committee to any & all people that grace their doorstep. Bandit is the fun & playful one. He brings the rescues out of their shell & lets them know it's ok to be a loving happy member of the family. Bandit lets them know that they are protected, loved & that everything is going to be better, from now on. 

Victoria - AKA "The Queen"

Victoria is the Queen of the pack. She is the independent one, the pack leader. Victoria is one that lets the rescues know they can be goofy & strong at the same time. She will let you know what boundaries can & cannot be crossed, BUT … in a motherly sort of way. Victoria is the one who tells it like it is & doesn’t let you forget! Inside that beautiful soul is the mother that will not let you get away with anything! Unless, she approves it! 

Princess - AKA "The Mother Hen"

Princess is the Mother Hen. She is a very gentle, loving & trustworthy mother. Princess is the go with the flow fur baby that just happened to be their first foster/rescue ever. She is a true diamond in the rough. She instantly completed their pack, which is now known as; "3 Husketeers". Princess helps the rescues transition into family life. If "the kids" act up, she is the one that scolds them by putting them in their place. Princess is the key component in getting these babies used to love & kindness, with a little bit of structure & respect thrown in, for good measure. 

BOLDFACE will contribute 20% of each sale to 3 Husketeers.

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