How does the front panel ‘face’ attach to the front of the bag?
There is a strip of Velcro around the entire outer circumference of the front panel of the Boldface gig bag, and a corresponding strip around the inner circumference of each exchangeable ‘face’.  They mate up super easy… simply pull one off and put the new on one.

Can you tell from looking at it that the front panel is removable?
No, each face has edge trimming that matches the gig bag’s trim, and the Velcro holds the face on super tight.  When the face is on the bag, you would never guess that the front face is removable.

What are the image resolution requirements to upload a picture to have printed on the face?
If you want your picture to cover the entire face of the gig bag, we recommend using a 150 dpi at 8 inches.  However, if your image is smaller than this, or if you simply want to place your image in the body section of the bag, we also offer a wide variety of cool backgrounds that you can place behind your picture to complete your design.

Can I save my design to reorder, modify and share with my friends in my social networks?
Yes, at the end of the checkout process, you will see a SAVE AND SHARE YOUR DESIGN button.  Hit this button to log into our site and create your own library of designs.  You can then revisit any design you want in order to modify it, reorder it, or to share it with your friends on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

Can I sell my own designs on Boldfacegear.com?
Not yet, but you will soon!  Check back in early 2014 for this functionality and get ready to have a blast creating and selling your own Boldface designs (while making some good dough too!).