ATTENTION:  Due to the COVID 19 pandemic, we had to unfortunately (and temporarily) shut down our printing facility in Los Angeles.  Accordingly, we are not currently accepting new orders.  So sorry!  But we'll be back soon, guaranteed!  Stay safe and healthy and we'll see you on the other side of this :)

Tommy Hollenstein Official Backpacks

BOLDFACE is proud to announce the Tommy Hollenstein Official Backpack Collection.

Known worldwide for his inspirational artwork, Tommy Hollenstein is a highly praised artist with a tremendous following that includes celebrities Ringo Starr, Slash, Joe Walsh and Joaquin Phoenix, to name a few. 

Tommy Hollenstein has launched his collection with three of his favorite designs: Soar, Salvation and Remember. Each design comes as an interchangeable printed "face" panel that can be swapped out at any time. Buy one backpack and collect all three of Tommy Hollenstein's designs.

Click here to read more about wheelchair artist Tommy Hollenstein.