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Hillary Amborn Collection

Hillary Amborn grew up four hours from the nearest mountain. At age twelve Hillary became obsessed with snowboarding. It wasn’t long before Hillary fell in love with surfing in her hometown, San Luis Obispo, and took to the chilly waters of Pismo and Shell Beach with the same amount of excitement and dedication she showed the snowy slopes.

Soon a third passion surfaced in high school, and art became an equally important aspect of Hillary’s life, one that she would go on to pursue in college.

A few months before graduating from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo with a degree in Art and Design, all three of Hillary’s passions were seamlessly united when she landed an internship with the world’s most popular women’s surf/snow apparel brand, Roxy, an opportunity that would make even the most sunburned, surfer girl green with envy. 

Today, Hillary creates brilliant art and BOLDFACE is stoked to show her work on our products.