Fundraiser Backpacks

BOLDFACE will donate 30% of the sale of each of these beautiful backpacks to the organizations they represent.

We are honored to be working with such wonderful partners to help fund a wide variety of programs and causes... from the care of underprivileged children to the health of our oceans to school programs that raise environmental awareness among the kids of our communities.

And remember, each 'face' on the BOLDFACE backpack is interchangeable so that you can change the design of the backpack anytime you want.  You can create your own by uploading a picture/image, or choose from our artist collections.  The possibilities are endless.

And if you purchase a second face to go with your backpack, we'll donate a portion of the proceeds from that face to the charity as well.

Please join us in supporting these important causes.  Thank you!

If your nonprofit organization is interested in partnering with BOLDFACE send us an email at