Drica Lobo

Drica Lobo was born in São Paulo, Brazil. Drica started painting at age ten. She graduated from Brazil's Fruto de Arte Professor José Ismael and moved to the United States in 2003.

Drica has a natural eagerness and need for discovering different techniques and themes, as well as finding materials or means to achieve new aesthetic's in her work. The artist silently tries to obey her own internal feelings, always searching for true ways of expression according to her temperament and skills.

Drica's work is based on nature and the meticulous build up of colorful and vibrant strokes, keeping order and flow in a world that is opposite. Fans of her work express that her paintings exude happiness and good vibes. Drica is a passionate artist and art instructor, with a degree in Communications and an artistic soul. Drica paints for the pure pleasure of putting vibrant color on canvas and teaches for the huge pleasure of sharing that joy with others.