The Ultimate DIY for Kids

September 11, 2017

The Ultimate DIY for Kids

My daughter loves BOLDFACE. During the summers and on weekends she loves coming in to help. She adds hang tags to backpacks. She preps FedEx shipping documents. And she goes treasure hunting - that's what she calls her practice of looking for scraps of material, boxes and, for lack of a better term, trash, to create something cool.

Over the weekend, while working at BOLDFACE on her latest version of a flying broomstick (she's also nuts about Harry Potter!) she had an amazing idea. 

"Dad, you should put on the BOLDFACE website a form that kids can download to create their own backpack face. Kids love to draw. I bet you that kids would like to have a backpack that has their drawing on it."

Ultimate Kid DIY Project

It took me about half a second to say to myself., "BRILLIANT!  Why didn't I think of that!"

Kids DO love to draw. There are few things they are more proud of than their creations. And as parents we are always on the lookout for fun and memorable DIY projects for our kids.

In four easy steps you can provide the most memorable DIY project for your kids. How many kids can say they created their own backpack? Imagine the pride your child will have when he or she explains to classmates and teachers that their backpack features their artwork! That's why this is the ULTIMATE DIY for kids! 

STEP 1: Download and print the pdf template.

CLICK HERE to download the pdf template. This template is smaller than the actual BOLDFACE backpack. We reduced the template so that the page can be inserted into most household scanners. Since you will need to convert the artwork on paper to a digital image, we made it easy to print and scan.  Once you upload the image you will be able to enlarge it to fit the size of the BOLDFACE backpack.


STEP 2: Let your child create their masterpiece!

You will notice the outline of a BOLDFACE backpack "face" on the sheet of paper. That is the template within which your child will create their masterpiece, which eventually gets scanned and uploaded to BOLDFACE for creation of the backpack. Your child can use pencils, crayons, markers, paints or anything else. They can even cut and glue things to the template. As long as you can scan the sheet of paper, let your child get as creative as he or she wants. 

Ultimate Kid DIY Project - Creating the Masterpiece

STEP 3: Scan the masterpiece!

Once your child is done with the masterpiece it is time to convert the paper to a digital image by having the paper scanned. Your home scanner will work fine. Be sure that the artwork is dry if paint or markers were used. This will prevent dirtying the scanner's glass surface. Also, be sure to gently wipe off the image before scanning to remove any loose substances.

If your scanner allows you to select the file format choose either jpg or png. Some scanners only allow you to scan and save to pdf format. If you have a pdf-only scanner, see below for instructions on converting the pdf to a jpg. 

Some scanners ask what type of resolution you want. If you have the option, choose the highest resolution available. Also, choose to scan in color if the artwork is in color.

PDF ONLY SCANNERS: If you are only able to scan to pdf there are lots of free websites that will let you upload your pdf and the website will return a jpg image file. While we don't recommend any specific site. However, an easy and good website is If you want more options you can Google "pdf to jpg" for a list of free sites.

STEP 4: Upload the image to BOLDFACE.

a. Visit the BOLDFACE custom backpack page by CLICKING HERE.

b. Press the "CLICK HERE TO UPLOAD YOUR IMAGE" button at the bottom of the page.

c. Click the blue "Add Image" button on the right side of screen and follow the directions to upload the scanned image. 

Ultimate Kid DIY Project

d. Click on your uploaded image to turn on the red image enlargement handles. Grab the handles (red arrows on the lower right corner of image) and move with the mouse to enlarge or reduce the size of the image. You can let go of the resizing handles and grab the image to position the image how you would like it.

.Ultimate Kid DIY Project

e. Play around with the other controls on the right side of the screen, including adding text to the image. The words "YOUR IMAGE HERE" will not appear on your backpack.That will be stripped away from the image so don't worry about that.

Ultimate Kid DIY Project

f. Once the image is properly laid out, click the blue "CONTINUE PURCHASE" button to begin the purchase process and to create the product. A box will pop up asking if you are ready to create the product. Click "Yes."

Once the product is created you will be taken to the product page featuring your new design. Click the "ADD TO CART" button at the bottom of the page to add the custom backpack to your shopping cart and either continue shopping or check out and pay for your product. 

That's it! If you have questions about this post or the custom backpack send us an email at

DIY Project for Kids