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How to Create a Custom Backpack With Your Photos

Posted by Jesse Torres on

If you're a dad like me you love showing photos of your kids to anyone willing to take a peek. I can't help it.

My wife realized I had a problem when she came by the office one day and found the kids photos accompanied by a coffee mug, mouse pad and screensaver with their images.

Too much? No way! Not for me.

Custom Backpacks

For years people have been customizing coffee mugs, mouse pads, t-shirts, sweatshirts, caps and posters. These items are a source of pride and a constant reminder of what they value.

For someone like me, who works long hours and is away from home a lot, having my kids' images on my stuff provides me with a constant reminder of why I work so hard. And on days when I'm having a "bad one," there is no better way to cheer up and reinvigorate. 

Custom Backpacks

This is why I love my BOLDFACE backpack so much. BOLDFACE allows anyone to create a backpack featuring their favorite image - whether that is their kid, pet or even a vacation spot. 

The best part about BOLDFACE is how easy it is to create a backpack. All it takes is a high resolution image and a few minutes. 

Whether you captured your favorite image with your iPhone, Android, GoPro or other source, you should be able to create a beautiful BOLDFACE backpack in only a few minutes.

So if you're ready to, here's the steps to creating your very own one-of-a-kind backpack:


1) Visit and select "Create Backpacks" from the CREATE menu.

Custom Backpacks

2) Select the quantity of custom backpacks you wish to create containing your image.

3) Click "Customize and Add to Cart." 

Custom Backpacks

4) Once you click "Customize and Add to Cart" the following screen appears.

Custom Backpacks

5) Select "Upload Your Image" (item #1). The following screen will then appear. 

Custom Backpacks

6) Click "Choose File" to select the file you wish to use on your custom backpack.

7) Once the file is selected click the "Upload Image" button to load your image onto the backpack design template.

8) Use the Image Controls (item #2) to enlarge, reduce and/or reposition the image. You can also grab the image by clicking and holding down the cursor to reposition it. The "handles" on the corners of the image can be "grabbed" by clicking and holding down to enlarge or reduce the image.

Custom Backpacks

9) Click on "Add Background" to select a background other than black. This step is optional. You can just leave the the background as black.

Custom Backpacks

10) Select the product desired from the dropdown box located to the right of the "Add to Cart" button. You can select a standard backpack, a youth backpack or a "face" only. 

11) Click the check box "Verify Ownership of Images." This is required to make sure you have the right to reproduce the image and that the image you are using is not owned and protected by copyright by someone else. 

12) The final step is to Click the red "Add to Cart" button to send the order to your shopping cart. Once you click you will be taken to your shopping cart where you can make changes to your order and select your payment method. You can also leave us a Special Instructions, if necessary.

Custom Backpacks

13) Celebrate! You just created your very own BOLDFACE backpack. 

Custom Backpacks



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