ATTENTION:  Due to the COVID 19 pandemic, we had to unfortunately (and temporarily) shut down our printing facility in Los Angeles.  Accordingly, we are not currently accepting new orders.  So sorry!  But we'll be back soon, guaranteed!  Stay safe and healthy and we'll see you on the other side of this :)

Boldface is Here - Custom Printed Guitar Bags

November 27, 2013

Music and graphic artwork have gone hand-in-hand since the introduction of the first album cover. And now in the age of product personalization/customization, there is one niche within the guitar industry that is prime for a face lift.

Boldface is introducing a new line of patent pending guitar gig bags with customizable, and easily exchangeable, front panels ('faces').


How it works:

1)    Pick a Boldface gig bag

2)    Choose a front 'face' design from our online gallery of artists from around the world (rock, psychedelic, urban, skater, graffiti, surfer, country, tattoo, etc.)

3)    Or, upload your own graphic or picture using our easy customization tool to design your own 'face'

4)    Boldface will print out the design, produce the 'face' and send it to you in a tube within 3 days. All 'faces' are produced in Redondo Beach, CA, USA

5)    Attach your new 'face' to the front of your Boldface bag and revel in your greatness

6)    Repeat steps 2 – 5 over and over and over

7)    And by the way, you can sell your own designs on the site and be paid a commission (coming soon!)


Why Boldface? Why now?

Musicians, whether they’re old hands or just starting out, are creative people looking to express themselves in every possible way. From the music they play and the clothes they wear, to the artwork on their websites, it’s all about their style. And they thrive in the ability to continually reinvent themselves.

Modern technology now allows us produce customized products at a low cost. The modern gig bag will now be the new album cover or rock poster.


It’s much more than a gig bag, it’s a relationship:

Unlike other guitar bag companies who sell a bag to a customer and then never hear from them again, Boldface will establish lifelong relationships with their customers, selling them new skins for their bags as they grow and develop as people and musicians.

Boldface will nurture this ongoing customer relationship by continually releasing new series of artwork from global artists and celebrities, by encouraging its customers to offer their own designs for sale on the Boldface site and be paid a commission, by launching monthly promotions and events, and by providing second-to-none customer service.