Show Us Your Boldface!

June 24, 2015

Boldface earlier today announced its Show Us Your Boldface campaign.

In an effort to share with the world how you Boldface, we have launched a campaign that encourages Boldface users to create videos showing how much they love their Boldface bags.

Boldface will feature the videos on its Web site and on social media.

The rules are simple:

1) The video must be no longer than 2 minutes.

2) The video must prominently feature a Boldface bag.

3) The video cannot use copyrighted music, images or other copyrighted material. The video cannot make use of the Boldface logo. 

4) The video must be created in good taste. Boldface reserves the right to require the deletion of any video containing a Boldface product that is deemed inappropriate. Noncompliance with this section will be considered a violation of Boldface's rights and Boldface reserves the right to take lawful and appropriate action to enforce this section of the rules.

5) No portion of the video may implicitly or explicitly promote hatred, sexism, discrimination or any other practice Boldface deems wrong or in poor taste.

6) Post a link to the video from YouTube, Facebook or other social media platform to the Boldface Facebook page at

Boldface reserves the right to change/alter these rules.

Any questions regarding this campaign can be directed to