Boldface Personalized Gig Bags Featrued in The Music Trades Online

January 07, 2014

Boldface is stoked to be included in a profile of "Amazing Companies From Around The World That You Should Know About" from Music Trades Online.  Below is an excerpt from the profile.  To read the entire profile and learn more about Boldface personalized gig bags go to

 "Personalizing a skateboard, surfboard, or smartphone with distinctive graphics has become a burgeoning industry, which prompted engineer Randy Fenton to apply the same concepts to the guitar market. With the launch of his new company Boldface, he is introducing a new line of guitar gig bags with customizable and easily interchangeable graphic front panels. “Music and graphic artwork have gone hand-in-hand since the first album cover,” he explains. “With the age of product personalization upon us, this is a niche within the guitar industry ripe for a facelift.”